Poor Me

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Poor Me's freshman release, 'Readymade,' is 8 tracks of hardcore pop-punk from Laramie, Wyoming. The “Readymades” of Marcel Duchamp stand as a message that “art” cannot be defined, and perhaps the things methodized as artistry blur the line between art and human experience. While focusing on the importance of skepticism, optimism, and integrity, Readymade stresses the importance of introspection as a tool of positive progress. #art credits released 19 August 2013

Production: All tracks written and performed by Poor Me. Readymade was engineered by Chris Fogal at Black In Bluhm of Denver, CO. Album artwork photographed by Scott Badham of Laramie, WY.

Audio clips: Strike a Poseur: Song "Poor Me," written by Johnny Worth / John Barry, performed by Adam Faith. Released by Parlophone, 1960. Sell Out or Shell Out: A lecture by poet James Baldwin at the Community Church in New York, 1963. They're Starting Fires: Clips from Workaholics, Season 1, Episode 6, "The Strike." Produced by 5th Year Productions et al., 2011. Bad Scene: An interview with Ian MacKaye for e-zine, Music4Autobahns, 2009.

Special thanks: We can't stand behind this record without first thanking Johnny and Dawn Wilson, co-founders of the For the Love of Punk brand and the most supportive friends any of the members of Poor Me could wish for. Chris Fogal contributed a heap of expert opinion and insight on being better musicians and songwriters. If only he would have contributed his voice, we could be famous. JD Korpitz will always be 'that guy' who keeps our heads level when we start to feel too proud of anything we've done. Lastly, thanks to everyone we surely missed, but will remember after this is printed. Our bad.

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